WordPress custom development

WordPress is a free, opensource Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and based on a MySQL relational database. It is currently the most popular system for creating websites and blogs (and more) worldwide.

It is estimated that over 30% of all websites and blogs on the internet use WordPress today. This makes it the most popular tool of that kind, used daily by over 60M websites! A huge number of available plugins and templates and a vast community of supporters work to the advantage of the system and make it a great choice.

Why use WordPress

Plugins and extensions

Laravel is a very sophisticated framework with nearly unlimited possibilities. Advanced functions and many extensions allow programmers to create their software and use ready-made elements offered by the framework.


WordPress wouldn’t be where it is right today if it wasn’t for the large community of designers and developers who work every day to develop WordPress itself, as well as different templates and plugins.


What You See is What You Get. WordPress is the kind of technology, which allows you to visually create content. Even non-technical persons can arrange content in such a way that it looks attractive and is pleasant to the eye.


Some of the best programmers in the world make sure that millions of WordPress users across the world are safe. Updates which increase security and remove recognized threats are published regularly.

Perfect for SEO

For website owners, the position of their sites in search engines is the key. Websites and blogs created with the use of WordPress are SEO ready, which makes positioning simpler and increases the ranking of WordPress sites in search results. A large number of plugins allows even those who don’t know much about positioning to improve the position of their website.

More than a CMS

WordPress isn’t just a system for managing websites. With the use of particular plugins, you can create, for example, an online store, or a site for placing food delivery orders with a system of selecting the items for your order and online payment capabilities. It is only limited by your imagination. Currently, WordPress is used for creating very large, sophisticated and complex applications, far more advanced than a simple website.

How do we work


The process of creating a website begins with gathering the requirements and needs of the client. We find out what the client wants the website to look like and how they want it to work. What they like and what they would prefer to avoid.


When we have all the necessary information our designers come into play. Using mockups and the information gathered from the client they create a beautiful and legible website, which will look equally well on any device.


Once the design is complete, software developers implement it on the basis of WordPress, they set it up and configure everything so that you don’t have to do anything.


Following the client’s approval, administrators configure the servers for WordPress and install the completed product on the servers.


Both the client and we enjoy the work well done and a beautiful site, which will make money thanks to good search engine optimization.

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