CRM & ERP systems

Over the years, Code Apps a software development company from Poland, we have specialised in creating dedicated solutions both for startups and large corporations. We know how important it is for software to perfectly match the requirements of the company. Our team, including project managers, designers and software developers, analyses the requirements of each client individually to meet the needs of their business. Only by learning everything about the problems which the client is facing we can create a matching bespoke software solution.

Custom CRP systems

Customer Relationship Management software, applications designed to facilitate client relations. This software enables control and optimization of working with clients, managing leads, sales plans and salesforce workload.

Custom ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning software, in short, these are the applications which help you run your entire business. ERP class software helps improve company operations, which translates into savings and facilitates development.




We create our software in close cooperation with the client. We know that every employee has their own preferences and requirements. When designing the application, our UX and UI team adapts the looks and the processes to the needs of all users, not only those with lots of experience but also the less advanced ones. The times when the world was run by heavy, ugly and unintuitive software applications, which nobody knew how to use, are long gone. Today software has to be designed in a way which makes it simple and pleasant to use.


Close cooperation with the client

Programmers closed behind the doors of the so-called war-room cannot create an application which will solve the client’s real problems. That’s why we communicate with the client every day, from the beginning of the project till the very end. The software which we create is made for the client and the client takes an active part in creating it. This type of approach allowed us to build many dedicated solutions, which facilitate the work of entrepreneurs every day.



When creating applications for Code Apps clients we use the newest technologies, including Symfony, Vue.js or Laravel This makes our web applications and websites modern and up to date with the current standards. It also translates to good usability and how the app is perceived by users, which in turn has a great impact on the number of users who are interested in using the solutions which we create.



These days every company owns some kind of a database. Usually, employees keep their data in Excel spreadsheets. This not only makes working with data harder but also may result in the company losing crucial information. Our administrators help you set up a fully scalable and secure MySQL or MS SQL database, which your entire company can work with. With no fear of losing any data and no problems retrieving any information which you require


Dedicated software

We approach every project individually. Every company has its own problems, which begin to solve by conducting a thorough analysis. Before we start working on the application we learn about the requirements and the problems of each client. Only this way we can create a truly dedicated CRM and ERP application which can actually facilitate your business.

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