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Software Development

Code Apps is a software house from Poland specialized in custom software development, the type of software which only requires a web browser. In recent years technological development led us to a place where practically everyone has access to the internet using their computer or a smartphone. This allows us to create programs which can be accessed by all users in the entire world, practically with no limitations and without the need to install any additional software or drivers.

Web development services

Unlimited possibilities

The web applications which we create at Code Apps offer the possibilities which you are looking for. All you need to launch this type of software is a web browser. You don’t have to worry about operating systems, types of devices or users from other countries. The app always works, anywhere you go.

Technological diversity

Technologies, frameworks and libraries which can be used to build web applications are constantly being developed. New solutions are created practically every month, providing developers with access to more and more ready-to-use components.


The web applications which we create using open source libraries and deploy in cloud environments, such as Azure or AWS, are not sensitive to typical problems caused by fast development on the business side. They can easily adapt to the growing scale of your company.

How do we work?

We understand the importance of the process of creating an application and we leave nothing to bare chance. Our team specialises in SCRUM, the agile methodology for creating software. Throughout the duration of each project, at every stage, we work closely with the client to fulfil their needs.

Scrum is a methodology for creating custom software where work is divided into phases, the so-called sprints. After each sprint is completed, we sit down with the client, evaluate the current stage of development and implement the necessary changes on the basis of remarks and suggestions which we receive. This way the client maintains control over the development process and the final shape of the application which we develop by working together.

Project analysis

We begin working on every project by analysing requirements. Along with the client, we prepare a technical specification and a development schedule for the project. We define the client’s priorities and detailed requirements.


Looks and usability have a significant impact on the success of every application. We know that the quality of User Experience is the key. Our project team prepares mockups and presents the processes which take place within the application. On this basis, our graphic designers prepare a modern-looking design which is functional and user-friendly.


When specifications and mockups are ready, programmers begin their work. We create software in sprints - short, regular stages of development.


After each sprint, we test the entire system along with the client. We test the application, but we also validate the client’s assumptions and the direction in which we are going with the development process.

Implementation of the project.

When the process of development is complete we set up the server environment using popular cloud-based solutions such as Azure or AWS.

Custom Software Development


Backend development

Simply put, the backend is the part of the software which the users don’t see on the screen. It works in the background, e.g. on a server or in the cloud. Functionalities, algorithms, databases, these are all elements of the backend of your application. Everything that is not a part of the visible interface but allows for the application to work properly.


MVP development

Minimum Viable Product is the least advanced version of the app which allows for validation of the client’s goals and assumptions. Building a product which is limited to the most important functions, those which are necessary to validate the business model, is currently a very popular method of developing software. Instead of spending months working in the shadows, companies decide to quickly release their MVP which is then developed further based on feedback from the users.


Frontend development

The frontend part is what the user can see on the screen of their computer, tablet or smartphone. The user interface, visual effects, animations, everything that translates into comfort and ease of use and makes the app user-friendly.


Body leasing

Do you need to increase the size of your development team? Our programmers are at your disposal. Take advantage of our experience in selecting the right technological solutions and working in all kinds of product teams.



We have been following the startup community for years. We know how important it is to support beginner entrepreneurs in today’s tough market reality and our experience allows us to help them choose the right technologies and avoid any obstacles at later stages of development.


Servers administration

Do you need support in managing your server infrastructure? We have the right skills right here. Take advantage of our experience.

Time & Materials

When working on large-scale projects we always suggest settlement on the basis of the Time&Materials method. In a nutshell, this type of settlement is based on the number of hours worked on the particular project. After each sprint, along with a version of the application ready for testing, the client receives a report of the number of hours which we have committed to developing particular modules. This solution is a perfect approach to creating your ideal product.



Logo PHP


PHP is currently one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It was made for creating simple scripts and it became a very efficient and advanced language, a good match for some of the most advanced technologies out there.

Logo Symfony


The most popular PHP framework used to create web applications. The level of advancement and the number of available extensions makes writing code with symphony a pure pleasure.

Logo Angular


Created and developed by Google employees, this framework is used for dynamic web applications. Vast possibilities and a huge community of supporters make it the most popular solution of this type in the world.

Logo Javascript

JavaScript Web Development

A script-based programming language which evolved from being used to make animations into a full-fledged and currently one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Logo VueJS

Vue.js web development

Vue.js is an open framework written in JavaScript. It was created by Evan You, an ex-Googler, who also worked on Angular. A broad range of possibilities and ease of use made Vue.js a very popular technology.

Logo NodeJS


The environment which allows using JavaScript for creating highly advanced and scalable web applications. Node.js is currently used for applications which are intended for high volumes of traffic (such as API) as well as for apps which have to operate in real time (e.g. online chats).

Logo Laravel

Laravel Web Development

Framework for code artists. A popular environment, which gained a large following reaching millions of developers all over the world, thanks to its simplicity and broad possibilities.

Case studies

Customer satisfactio is our main goal


For the national research panel Ariadna, we created a new system from the ground up. The application is a combination of a research panel and an online store where panellists collect points to unlock rewards.

Case study
Whites Agency

For the leader in the SEO industry we created an application that streamlines and automates the company's work. Close cooperation with the agency's team enabled us to get to know their needs and refine the software accordingly.

Case study
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