According to research conducted by Gemius, the e-commerce market is reaching PLN 40 Billion in value. Poles love to shop online. More than 50% of internet users regularly purchase products and services online. The development of this segment of economy proves, that every company which sells a product or a service should consider setting up their own internet store.


Short for electronic commerce, refers to selling things online. If we perform a commercial transaction with the use of a phone or the internet, then it’s an element of e-commerce. It’s not just about shopping for physical products. Hotel booking sites or pages which offer access to virtual goods, such as e-books, for example, are also based on e-commerce platforms.

Online stores

The most popular form of e-commerce is the online store. It is nothing but a website with a catalog of products and the possibility of buying them by visitors. Online stores are currently the most popular form of digital product sales. More companies are giving up the traditional form of sales for the Internet.


Dedicated software

A vast number of clients decide to create dedicated e-commerce software. Individual requirements which the clients present us with usually require a high level of creativity in our approach and creating solutions from scratch.

Open Source

When creating dedicated online store applications we often use open libraries, created and supported by the so-called “Open Source” communities. Such solutions as WellCommerce or Sylius are a solid basis for building bespoke systems. They include collections of ready-made components developed in PHP and based on the Symfony framework, which offer lots of different possibilities.


The largest open source e-commerce platform which currently belongs to eBay. A very powerful community, lots of functions and features and flexibility to build scale make this the go-to solution mainly for large online stores.


Another open source solution, which is available free of charge. It is less complicated than Magento, but it also offers fewer possibilities than the market leader. Like Magento, PrestaShop includes a large number of plugins and a huge community of supporting developers.


WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress, which makes it possible to launch an online store on your website very easily.

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