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We support small and medium-sized businesses in the field of programming and maintenance of web applications in PHP and JavaScript technologies as an external IT department.

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Who we are?

We are a team of experienced people who for many years have been implementing IT projects for companies from all over the world. We specialise in the programming of dedicated web applications and in providing programming support to companies, as an external IT department, i.e. a team available as a service.

  • Web applications in PHP and JavaScript technologies
  • MVP versions of products and start-ups
  • Online shops based on Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce

Over the years, we have gained experience in creating not only startups or MVP versions of products, but also in building SAAS applications, dedicated CRM / ERP solutions and e-commerce applications.

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We solve
entrepreneurs' problems

Years of work and dozens of conversations with clients have enabled us to identify the biggest problems that companies encounter. Our outsourced IT service is the answer to the most common issues.

  • Not enough work to hire a full-time employee
  • Lack of certainty that the company will earn the programmer's salary
  • Reluctance to generate large and fixed costs
  • Need for a quick response in emergency situations
  • Lack of technical knowledge and capacity to control programmers
  • Being afraid of bad recruitment or not having enough time to conduct it
  • Concern about the interruption in business operations in the event of holidays or illness
  • Lack of processing capacity of the internal team
  • Too narrow competencies of the team or employees

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Taking care of a good cash flow in the company and looking for savings is one of the main tasks of every entrepreneur. Using an external IT department, you do not have to worry about recruitment costs, workplace preparation, employee salary or additional benefits. You pay purely and simply for the time worked by the employee.

  • Hourly billing, you only pay for work done
  • You don't need to create a workplace
  • Full and constant access to your accounts, you have full control over costs



Business continuity is crucial for technology companies. We know this, which is why we meet your expectations by offering possibilities that are unavailable while having the internal IT department. The key to the success of your business is for you to focus on growing your business. We will take care of the programming :)

  • Short response times to provide you with peace of mind about your business
  • We control programmers, their working time and the quality of the code
  • We provide substitution in case of illness, holiday or unavailability of an employee



The needs of companies change depending on the period of time, the market situation or the current position of the company. An external IT department allows you to manage your needs flexibly. You use our services less when there is less work, and when there is more work than usual we provide extra people.

  • You use employee occupancy according to your current needs
  • You have access to more staff in case of emergencies

fourthly ...


Running a business is a lot of responsibility and a lot of stress. We want to take at least some of that burden off you. Instead of recruiting or monitoring developers, focus on your business and leave the technical issues to us.

  • We take full responsibility for our employees
  • You don't have to be afraid that the programmer will quit, leaving you with nothing



The needs of companies that use digital products are not only programmers. These are also graphic designers, server administrators or SEO specialists. By using external IT support, you can benefit from a range of competencies that your business will need. Without the need to hire an entire team.

  • Each project is supervised by a project manager
  • You get a full range of competencies - not just programming
  • We offer development and maintenance of the project after its launch



We provide entrepreneurs with support at every stage of the cooperation: both with consultations on your product and by giving you access to an external CTO who will be a technology specialist for your company.

  • Consulting and advisory services, assistance in technology and software selection
  • CTO participation in meetings with your customers

Case studies

Meet our customers

What do our customers say about us?

“Code Apps supported us at every stage, both during the creation of our project and subsequent content modifications. I can confidently recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable partner.”

Beata Kolterman
Beata Kolterman

“We outsourced a few projects to Code Apps. Cooperation with this firm was good, always on time and with good communications. I recommend Code Apps to everyone who look for a reliable partner.”

Tomasz Baran
Nils Fridlund

“Code Apps provides comprehensive support for the National Research Panel. Both in terms of programming and server services. I can recommend the services of this company to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced partner.”

“Cooperation with Code Apps was very pleasant and professional. At each stage of the development of our project, we had an insight into the progress of work and could actively participate in the whole process.”

“The cooperation went very well, quickly and professionally, Mr. Michał is open and reaches out to any suggestions. Our project was very positively received by our colleagues and collaborators from Poland and abroad. I can recommend this company with a clear conscience to everyone!”

”Code Apps support us in the development of tools that automate marketing activities. Good communication, high quality of work and a sense of responsibility for the project are the elements that I value most in this cooperation.”

Maciej Woźniak
Maciej Woźniak

“We approached Code Apps with a very difficult challenge: to create the MVP of our product in a month. The support and commitment of the Code Apps staff made it all happen on time and without any problems!”

Artur Błasik
Artur Błasik

“I recommend working with Code Apps specialists to anyone who needs dedicated solutions that surpass the capabilities of free CMS systems.”

Bartosz Mrugacz
Bartosz Mrugacz
Klinika Bocian Sp. z o.o.

“Our companies have been working together for several years. During this time we have become convinced that Code Apps is a company you can rely on. Implementations based on our projects have always been of high quality and on time. What is more, Michał, the head of the company, is a person who always tries to find the best solution, taking into account the good of the project and the interests of all parties involved. I highly recommend it! :)”

Emil Rzepiel
Emil Rzepiel
Overlap Studio Sp. z o.o.

“During our cooperation, all suggestions from Code Apps were valuable and accurate. We are full of praise for the reliable, patient and professional work of the Code Apps team.”

Tadeusz Trzaskowski
Tadeusz Trzaskowski
JT Adwokaci

“While building the image of a new brand, we wanted the website to stand out from the competition. Efficiency and punctuality during project development as well as professionalism, which are very important for us, made the website highly appreciated by our clients.”

Katarzyna Wierzba
Katarzyna Wierzba
Biuro Kamienica

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