MVP software development

MVP refers to the minimum, simplest version of the product/service, with enough features to be introduced to the market in order to test the assumptions and business goals of creators.

When creating a product according to the MVP methodology, we define its most important functions required to verify if the users will want to use it. With such an approach, we don’t waste any time on creating unnecessary functions, but develop the product so that it fulfils the requirements of the customers who pay for it from the start.

When creating an innovative product initially we do not have the certainty if the clients will be interested in using it and what to they need. We can base assumptions on our experience or research, but only giving the product into the hands of the end user will show us what is really important and what isn’t. Creating a product according to the MVP method imposes two things. First, we minimise the time and cost required to create the product. Second, from day one, we focus on gathering customer feedback and developing the product, so that it solves their problems and fulfils their needs. This way we create an application which is more suitable to the real needs of our customers.

MVP Development

Lower the cost

Instead of working for months to create a huge application, you focus on a quick implementation of the most crucial functions. This way you can significantly lower the cost of software development.


Creating an advanced application requires time. By putting together an MVP you can make money faster and gradually build your application from the bottom up, to include more functions and modules and stay a step ahead of the competition.

The clients tell you what they need

By giving your customers the minimum version of your product it’s not you who decides how to develop it further, but the users of your application. They are the ones telling you what needs to be done next.

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Even though we plan to limit the functionality of the application to launch it faster, the design is still crucial. Our product, even in its minimal form, has to look good and attract people with the way it looks. Clients must focus on using the product, not on wondering how it works.


Programmers create the most crucial functions of the app which will allow you to set sails and choose the direction in which your product will go from the beginning. With the technical specification in hand in know what the application is going to look like when it is completed, but first, we create only the most important, key functions which allow you to gather feedback and begin selling your product.


After launching the MVP we analyse its performance with the use of different tools and we ask users what should we improve and add to the app. We don’t launch hundreds of functions no one will use. We only implement those which the client really needs to use and pay for the product.


The process turns a full cycle. As we already have feedback from the customers on what we should change or add to the product the programmers implement the changes. This proces really never ends. We develop our applications constantly while they gain new customers and we gather more knowledge about what the ideal version of our product should look like and work.



PHP is currently one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It was made for creating simple scripts and it became a very efficient and advanced language, a good match for some of the most advanced technologies out there.


The most popular PHP framework used to create web applications. The level of advancement and the number of available extensions makes writing code with symphony a pure pleasure.


Framework for code artists. A popular environment, which gained a large following reaching millions of developers all over the world, thanks to its simplicity and broad possibilities.


Created and developed by Google employees, this framework is used for dynamic web applications. Vast possibilities and a huge community of supporters make it the most popular solution of this type in the world.


Vue.js is an open framework written in JavaScript. It was created by Evan You, an ex-Googler, who also worked on Angular. A broad range of possibilities and ease of use made Vue.js a very popular technology.

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