Vue.js web development

Vue.JS is an open source framework written in JavaScript and created for building user interfaces and entire web applications. Vast possibilities, huge community and simple design allowed it to quickly climb to the podium of most popular solutions.

Thanks to the support of the community, we can simply combine Vue.js with other available solutions, such as Symfony or Laravel frameworks. A great number of available packages allows developers to focus on programming the most important functions instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Vue.js development

Simplicity and well-thought solutions make the Vue.js framework perfect for creating the so-called single-page applications. The type of programs which, as opposed to standard web applications, do not require refreshing the screen every time the app is reloaded.

Programming with the Vue.js framework is a pleasant experience, and thanks to its thoughtful structure it is sufficient even for large and complicated projects.

Vast possibilities of Vue.js enable us to also use it to create mobile applications or the so-called Progressive Web Apps.

Arguments for the popularity of Vue.js include the fact that it is used by such companies as Facebook, Netflix or GitLab.

Why use Vue.js?


Vue.js is built so that no one has any problems learning it. A well-thought structure and many ready-made components make programming with the use of this framework a pure pleasure.


By definition, Vue.js is a framework meant for creating single-page apps, these are inherently web applications. But it’s vast possibilities also enable us to create e.g. mobile apps.


The library itself weighs only 20kb. Considering its enormous possibilities this is very little. Applications written with the use of Vue.js are fast and work flawlessly. Even with high volumes of traffic.


A huge community of supporters is what gives open source solutions a great advantage. Hundreds of programmers worldwide make sure that working with Vue.js is simple and pleasant.

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