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Our goal

Getting insight about company, which is an industry leader and employs nearly 100 people. Then creating and developing software that on the one hand will streamline and automate the work of employees, and on the other will open new opportunities for the company.

What we have done

We’ve created a web application, that helps company employees in their daily work. Once we got to know the specificity of the industry and the way the company operates, we;ve been able to develop tailor-made software.

About the project

The Whites agency entrusted us with building a modular ERP class software. Its purpose was to automate and improve employees daily tasks. The application was developed using symfony framework. We have modified it so that the project was fully modular. Each module works as a separate application, which may or may not use the resources of other modules. An example of this integration is, for example, a report module that downloads data generated in the keyword module when creating a report.

API integration

The key issue in this project was integration with external services. We have developed a special "bridge" module, which, on demand or cyclically in the background, downloads and saves data in external services.

Example of use: reports are generated based on Google Analytics data and algorithm results are saved on Google Drive as documents.


For this project, we’ve developed a set of advanced libraries that enable downloading and analyzing website content. The robot on the website analyzes text and keywords based on specific criteria, which are defined by the agency's employees.

Maciej Woźniak Agencja Whites

Code Apps supports us in the marketing automation tools development. Efficient communication, high quality work and a sense of responsibility for the project are the key elements, that I value most in our cooperation.

Case studies

Customer satisfactions is our main goal

Web applications

We created from the ground up a new system for the Ariadna, national research panel. The application is a combination of a research panel and store, in which panellists collect points to unlock rewards.

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For Stream Online we developed an e-commerce platform that allows creators to set up their own website to sell courses - both traditional and live.

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PHP course

For the online programming course needs, we created a modern website with an electronic payment system, that improved the course’s sale, as well as mailing list subscribers number.

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