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TheMuBa (Theatre - Music - Ballet) makes theatre plays, musical concerts and ballet spectacles available LIVE through an innovative internet platform. The advanced e-commerce platform allows watching shows live within the comfort of your own home.


Creating an optimised and safe e-commerce system with the ability to serve thousands of people watching spectacles online at the same time. The team of this project includes actors and artists which made design another key element of the entire project.


From the very beginning, the Client expected the project to attract a lot of attention which would convert into traffic. We had to make sure that the site is ready for high numbers of users and prepare specialized software to broadcast live spectacles to thousands of people simultaneously. Using advanced cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare or Akamai we delivered a safe and efficient application.

By separating the project into two applications using the Azure cloud the client has the ability to manage server resources between particular spectacle broadcasts. This type of solution allows for serving immense traffic without any downtime or limiting the availability of other spectacles or the home page of the project.

Another important aspect from the point of view of the client was enabling viewers to watch spectacles wherever they went. Thanks to RWD technology and the fact that the player is ready for use with mobile devices it is also possible, and very enjoyable.

The client also wanted a highly advanced cross-selling functionality to increase sales of additional materials, merchandise and behind-the-scenes content, which were only to be made available for online viewers.

The project turned out to be very successful thanks to a simple purchasing path, with conversion rates reaching 20%!

Case studies

Customer satisfactio is our main goal


We created from the ground up a new system for the Ariadna, national research panel. The application is a combination of a research panel and store, in which panellists collect points to unlock rewards.

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For Stream Online we developed an e-commerce platform that allows creators to set up their own website to sell courses - both traditional and live.

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Agencja Whites

For the leader in the SEO industry, we created an application that streamlines and automates company's work. Close cooperation with the agency’s team enabled us to get to know client’s needs and refine the software accordingly.

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