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Our goal

The client has set a demanding task before us: designing an e-commerce platform that allows each course author to run a separate store, with its own domain and personalised design, but with single administration panel, payment and invoicing system. The priority was high performance, that the platform must provide and maintain during live courses.

What we have done

Using symfony framework and open source solutions, we’ve built a platform where each store operates under its own domain, has its own design, but the administrator has one panel to manage all the stores, orders and finances. Using elasticsearch, we've built an advanced search engine that indexes content from all stores instantly.


The software we developed had to allow the administrator to create a separate store for each author. Every store has its own domain, design and customer base, but one, common administration panel allows managing orders, invoices and payments in all stores.


Besides multistore, the home page had to aggregate products from all stores and allow visitors to view courses from all different authors.

Advanced search engine

The potential large number of products meant that we had to reach for advanced search tools. In addition to the caching engine for memcache results, we used elasticsearch, which allows instant searching even with a large number of indexed content.


SEO played a key role in this project. Therefore, we consulted specialists in this area right from the start. Obtained effect positively affects the position of courses in search engines.


Our administrators set up and prepared a server environment in the cloud. This makes the environment scalable at the time of massive jumps, which take place during live training.

Piotr Chałupko Piotr Chałupko Stream Online

Code Apps has created and now develops for us e-commerce platform Szkolenia.TV. I can fully recommend the company to anyone, who cares about the satisfaction of the finished product without worrying about its quality and meeting deadline.

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Case studies

Customer satisfactio is our main goal


TheMuBa makes theatre plays, musical concerts and ballet spectacles available LIVE through an innovative internet platform. The advanced e-commerce platform allows watching shows live within the comfort of your own home.

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We created from the ground up a new system for the Ariadna, national research panel. The application is a combination of a research panel and store, in which panellists collect points to unlock rewards.

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Agencja Whites

For the leader in the SEO industry, we created an application that streamlines and automates company's work. Close cooperation with the agency’s team enabled us to get to know client’s needs and refine the software accordingly.

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