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We are a software house from Poland focused on custom software development of e-commerce platforms, CRM and ERP class systems.

About us

We are a team of young, experienced developers who are passionate about their work. Years of cooperation with both corporations and startups, helped us to build diverse portfolio full of visions which turned into reality.

In Code Apps we are back-end and front-end programmers, graphic designers and administrators. We deliver comprehensive services, so that you can focus on your business and achieve your goals easier.

Michał Molenda
CEO of Code Apps
Michał Molenda
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Logo Symfony

The most popular framework written in PHP used to create web applications. Symfony is so advanced and offers so many extensions that it turns creating code into a pleasant experience.

Logo Laravel

The framework for artists. A popular coding environment with a huge supporting community, which drew millions of programmers worldwide thanks to its simplicity and the vast possibilities which it offers.

Logo VueJS

Vue.js is an open framework written in JavaScript. It was created by Evan You, an ex-Googler, who also worked on the Angular framework. A broad range of possibilities and ease of use made Vue.js very popular all over the world.

Logo NodeJS

The environment which allows using JavaScript for creating highly advanced and scalable web applications. Node.js is perfectly suitable for creating applications which are to serve high volumes of traffic (such as API) as well as for apps which have to operate in real time (e.g. online chats).

Logo Angular

Created and developed by Google employees, this framework is used for dynamic web applications. Vast possibilities and a huge community of supporters make it the most popular solution of its kind.

Logo PWA

Progressive Web App, that is a web application which imitates a native app, it provides access to some native functions of the device or access to data in the off-line mode.

Aplikacje hybrydowe
Hybrid application

A combination of native and web-based solutions. Hybrid applications look and work like native apps, but they are built with the use of web technologies.

Logo AWS
Amazon Web Services

The most popular cloud-based server environment offered by Amazon. A leader in the server market, the provider of such giants as Netflix.

Logo Azure
Microsoft Azure

Not as popular as AWS, but also very reliable cloud server service with many possibilities and a friendly price structure.

Logo Magento

The largest open source e-commerce platform which currently belongs to eBay. A large community of supporters, an impressive list of functions and high scalability make this the platform of choice mainly for large online stores.


WordPress is currently the most popular CMS tool in the world, used to build and manage content on websites. The community is huge and the number of available plugins makes it a great choice for anyone.


A 2-in-1 solution combining a CMS and a framework, very advanced solution with vast possibilities and a highly adaptable tool. The large community behind it and many available modules bring practically unlimited possibilities.

Logo PrestaShop

Another open source solution, available free of charge. It is less complicated than Magento, offering fewer functions than the market leader. Like Magento, PrestaShop is supported by a large community and offers a high number of extensions.

We're working in SCRUM


We begin with business requirements analysis and technical specification preparation, to turn them into software.


Once we know what your business needs are, we start working on design and product use cases.


Having the exact specification and mock-ups, enables our programmers to take action.


We work in two-weeks sprints to regularly revisit project plan and goals along with the client.


At the end, we prepare the server environment and implement the software that runs smoothly and without any glitches.

More than perfect design

Our clients recommendations
  • Tomasz Baran Tomasz Baran Ogólnopolski Panel Badawczy Ariadna

    Code Apps provides a complex service for the Ariadna, national research panel. Both in terms of development and server support. I can recommend theirs services to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced partner, that you can rely on.

    Case study
  • Maciej Woźniak Maciej Woźniak Agencja Whites

    Code Apps supports us in the marketing automation tools development. Efficient communication, high quality work and a sense of responsibility for the project are the key elements, that I value most in our cooperation.

    Case study
  • Michał Bąk Michał Bąk Marketing i Biznes

    The blog is much more visually appealing than it was before Code Apps came onboard. Code Apps communicated via multiple channels and managed the project professionally. Their commitment to responsiveness and on-time delivery sets them apart.

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